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「SEX & FURY」が発売され、海外から凡天劇画会の発行した劇画単行本が欲しいという連絡が入ってきています。


『現代不良少女伝 猪の鹿お蝶』その3(“INOSHIKA OCHOU”pt.3)

『不良姐御伝 猪の鹿お蝶』(1973)『やさぐれ姐御伝 総括リンチ』(1973)の他にもう1作映画化されています。
(One more work is turned into a movie besides “SEX & FURY” (1973), and “Female Yakuza Tale” (1973). )

それが1969年に公開された不良番長シリーズの2作目『不良番長 猪の鹿お蝶』です。
(It is the 2nd work “Delinquent Boss & Inoshika Ocho” of Delinquent Boss series exhibited in 1969. )

(Although it seems that it is supposed that Hideaki Yamamoto and Isao Matsumoto did joint dramatization of Bonten Taro’s original,)

(As for the original being harnessed, also in this, only the character of a Ochou is.)

(Positioning called the work in which Ochou carried out guest starring to Delinquent Boss series thinks that it is right. )

About original comics “Inoshika Ochou”, it is next time.


『現代不良少女伝 猪の鹿お蝶』その2(“INOSHIKA OCHOU”pt.2)

(This is the cover edited by a collection published as a Geibun-Sha “Manga Tengoku” special number in 1970. )

鈴木則文監督自身がインタビュー<※1>の中で自信があると語っていた『不良姉御伝 猪の鹿お蝶』タイトルバックは、
(“sex & Fury” title background it was being said that was confident while Director Norifumi Suzuki himself interviewed<※1>,)

(Wasn’t it inspired by this cover? )

【Sex & Fury 不良姐御伝 猪の鹿お蝶 OP】

In and the author affiliation indicated in Table 4 of this book,

It is written as “that to which as for INOSHIKA OHOU” of “wild boar Bonten Taro reset his other self to the woman, and was born to her in him.”

OCHOU which risks its life to chivalry is useful, and appearance is Bonten Taro himself.

The masterpiece with which it was full of sex and violence through the whole volume. )

(To be continued.)

※1 徳間書店「東映ピンキーバイオレンス浪漫アルバム」<杉作J太郎 植地毅 共著>
(Tokuma Shoten Publishing “TOEI pinky violence romantic album” 〈J-Taro Sugisaku & Takaeshi Uechi collaboration>)

『現代不良少女伝 猪の鹿お蝶』その1(“INOSHIKA OCHOU”pt.1)

この作品は、鈴木則文監督作品『不良姉御伝 猪の鹿お蝶』とその続編である、石井輝男監督作品『やさぐれ姐御伝/総括リンチ』の原作漫画です。
(“INOSHIKA OCHOU” is an original comic of “Sex & Fury”and the sequel of“Female Yakuza Tale”)

(From being the movie which made the hero the character not an original perfect in tale but the “Ochou” which Bonten Taro created,)

(It is correctly called “character design = Bonten Taro.”)

(To be continued.)

『いれずみお桂』 予告 (“OKEI of a tattoo”trailer)

Okei is a girl with the sad destiny raped by the father.

Okei tattooes the whole body, in order to recover from self-hate.

However, the masochism which was dwelling in the flesh of Okei with the needle of the tattoo wakes up,

It is addicted to the disordered physical intercourse and falls.

What happens to the fate of Okei?

「凡天太郎劇画作品集 不良少女篇」2012年12月刊行予定
Bonten taro gekiga works “WILD CAT WORLD!”
That sale is scheduled for December, 2012

女刺青師ルリ~燃える肌~( Female tattoo artist RURI~Burning skin~)

It is the full-length play drawing announced with the entertainments informational magazine “weekly Myojo” which “Halfbreed Rika” serialized.

“weekly Myojo”, 1968 “beautiful revenge”,1969 “Female tattoo artist RURI ~Burning skin~”,1969~73″Halfbreed Rika” it was serialized, without resting for six years with.

yet,”the tattoo = yakuza”in the The last stage of the 1960s, when the worthless image was strong in Japan, a female tatoo artist hero’s comics by The weekly magazine of a major publishing house .It is Bonten Taro, therefore were able to do.

A scene highly recommended by a BONTENGEKIGAKAI is also in the work here!


Bontengekigakai is here.

It is a group which studies the comics which Bonten Taro drew.

Bonten Taro comic is GEKIGA.
Although the GEKIGA is one style in comics now.
GEKIGA was one of the revolutionary techniques in comics.

Well, since it will become long if it talks, it is omitted.
Those who are worried need to read this. Zombie, written by Udagawa Takeo)

BONTEN GEKIGA is strange! eerie!! violence and wildcat!!!

“INOSHIKA OCHOU” is an original comic of “Sex & Fury.”